Search “Unitarian Universalist” on Google Play or The Apps Store and you will find only three apps available:  The UUA,  The UU World Magazine and RedRiverUU church.  We starting offering the world our app in early 2017 because we’re committed to every avenue we can use to reach out to people of all ages.  From our app you can …

  • See what’s happening next Sunday morning at Red River UU
  • Contact us
  • Get directions
  • See the church calendar
  • Read the current issue of Red River Ramblings
  • Read the weekly WednesdayUPDATE
  • Go to our Facebook page
  • Go to this website
  • Watch brief videos about Unitarian Universalism
  • Pledge during the Stewardship Campaign
  • Vote online for congregational meetings (if you can’t attend)
  • Make your Amazon purchases (and support the church)
  • Read timely articles
  • See a gallery of pictures

While rarely used, the app administrator can send a push notifications to everyone

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s some screen shots of our app