We are Red River Unitarian Universalists

A Hybrid Liberal Religious Community

Serving the world from Denison Texas

We welcome you with warm smiles and caring faces.  Together we’re building our hybrid community by fully embracing all who are seeking a religious home.  Our Sunday Morning Assemblies are arranged by an energetic worship team dedicated to inviting intriguing speakers that offer worthwhile discourses that challenge us to expand our individual understandings of the world and ourselves.

Our Assemblies are masterfully broadcasted live on Zoom and uploaded each Sunday afternoon to our YouTube channel and our two Facebook pages (general church and LGBTQ+).  For a feisty, small group, we have an amazingly well trained production team who provide virtual members and friends with quality video assemblies.  Our goal is to livestream what goes on in the building to our YouTube channel as it happens, rather than having to upload the finished worship experience.  We’re not there quite yet, but soon.

If the notion of being part of a virtual community of religious liberals celebrating community, diversity, compassion, and individual spiritual growth captivates you, drop in some Sunday morning.  We gather at 10 for the Adult Forum (discussion group of both serious and off-beat topics) and the Morning Assembly.


Hope to catch you looking at us. We promise to look back.

If you are interested in the equipment we use and how we use it, click Here. Warning: This was written by one of our technical nerds so it is a bit detailed.