Each Wednesday we send out “the UPDATE” an email to everyone interested (currently 222 people). The UPDATEl gives a quick overview of everything going on at church from Wednesday to the following Wednesday inclusive.  It is not a replacement for Red River Ramblings, but a quick update because in busy lives we sometime forget stuff. It always lists the upcoming Sunday schedule including the Morning Assembly along with the Adult Forum schedule of topics.

You can access the UPDATE easily from our website homepage – it is listed each Wednesday in the church Calendar.  It is also available on our free mobile app, available from both The Apps Store and Google Play.  If you haven’t downloaded our mobile app, you can do so using this QR code:

The app also contains the morning program, images, videos links to donating to the church, our church and LGBTQ+ Facebook pages along with other information about our church community.

If you want to receive the UPDATE (and our monthly newsletter), please fill out our visitor card.

or send an email to news@redriveruu.org requesting to have your email added to our eList.