Our new proposed budget for 2024-2025 is out and the breakout looks like this:



This budget is about supporting our hopes for our church– and our belief in our ability to move forward together.

Every contribution strengthens our church. It ensures we can continue to provide service to everyone.

Every year in February the Finance Team meets to prepare the budget. This year we have set a target amount of $53,300. This is a 6.4% increase over the current year budget.

This budget does not reflect the impact should we have a minister start sometime this new budget year. When that happens, we will submit a new revised budget to include minister expenses and income from pledges and grant money.

To cover this proposed budget, we are setting a stewardship campaign goal of $47,000 in pledge income which is slightly up from $44,100 for this budget year (2023-2024)

The campaign will begin on March 7th and run to April 14th There will be preprinted pledge forms in the lobby. You may also click here  2024 Stewardship Pledge Form to pledge online. There are also pledge forms in the lobby that you may fill out and return to a member of the Finance Team.