We are located one block north of West Morton Street (also Hwy 120) and just west of North Austin Street (also Hwy 69).  Because the building address is a hundred years old, it can be easily found on any GPS system, along with Google maps.

There are 8 fairly step steps to the front door of the house, so we use the double doors outside the chapel that are accessible to all (no steps).

  • The basement (actually only ¾ below grade) originally contained the servant bedrooms and the kitchen, is now used only for church storage
  • The ground level contains the foyer, chapel, 2 handicapped rest rooms
  • The first floor contains
    • The upper lobby
    • The Gil Alexander Room – where the adult forum meets
    • The Emerson Room
    • The Soul Café
    • A small, non-handicapped restroom (under the stairway to the second floor)
  • The second floor contains
    • The Susan B. Anthony Room – for RE classes
    • The Rev. F. Church Library
    • The Arts & Crafts Room – for RE classes
    • The church office
    • Bathroom

Learn about the accessibility of our building and programs.

Sunday Morning Hours

  • Adult Forum ~ 10 am
  • Morning Assembly ~ 11:15 am
  • Conversations & Calories ~ 12:15 (our answer to Coffee Hour)


The main entry is on the ground floor which leads into the foyer outside the chapel.  The entrance to the house is up 8 steps and most people choose not to use it.  We have a back door at the rear of the building with is on grade and leads into the chapel foyer.  There is, however, a ramp between the door and the foyer.


Our parking lot has handicapped parking places and there is general parking on the Bond Street side of the chapel as well as in front of the playground.  There is ample street parking along both North Burnett Avenue and Bond Street.


Our Google Maps link offers you door-to-door directions for driving, walking, or biking

Public Transit

Would it only be true!  Denison, with a population of almost 24,000 does not have the resources to provide public transit.

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Red River Unitarian Universalist Church
515 North Burnett Avenue
Denison, TX 75020

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