Our Governance

Each congregation within the Unitarian Universalist Association is self governing.  These are the documents, approved by the membership, that we follow to assure we meet our goals, mission and vision.

General – approved by Congregation

Church Bylaws (Amended and Accepted October 2019)

Safe Congregation Policy (Approved July 2015)

Behavioral Covenant (Reaffirmed October 20, 2019)

Green Guidelines (Adopted November 2009)

General – approved by Board of Trustees

Endowment bylaws (Accepted April 21, 2004 by BOT)

Policies & Procedures (Amended and Accepted 10/20/2019)

Board policy on Emails (Adopted 08/18/2009)

Policy regarding certification of petitions (Adopted 07/21/2009)

5 Year Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (Approved May 19, 2019, Revised 2020)

Using Our Building

Building Use Policy (Adopted November 2011)

Application and Contract for Use of Facilities (Revised April 2014)

Contract for Use of Facilities For a Wedding


Board of Trustees Covenant (Reaffirmed October 2018)

2019-2020 Operating Budget (Adopted May 19, 2019)

2019-2020 Approved Congregational Goals (Adopted May 19, 2019)