“Labor of Love Sunday”

A few times per year, our congregation needs to take care of the things that Minnie can’t manage in weekly housekeeping.  Please join in making our church home as welcoming as loving hands can provide.

We need to organize and clean in the follow areas.  We … read more.

“Time in the Wilderness”

Download The Morning Program here  later in the week

Our experiences and understandings of wilderness are quite varied. For some, wilderness is a place of life threatening danger. For others, it is a place of trial and temptation.  Some look at wilderness as wasted land that … read more.

“Out of Our Comfort Zone”

Download the Morning Program here  later in the week

“Out of Our Comfort Zone”
Sometimes our greatest growth as persons comes during times when we either intentionally or unintentionally find ourselves outside of our normal comfort zones. Sometimes we need to hear and experience things that … read more.