“The Principles and Article II”

The Principles and Article II
The Worship Teaam, leading

As a community, we Unitarian Universalists do not necessarily agree on belief issues like, is there a God?  What is God like? How should God be worshiped?  What we do agree on is our seven UUA principles, and now … read more.

“Socially Engaged Mysticism”

“Socially Engaged Mysticism” – The inward journey is often seen as an escape from external reality, but perhaps it offers one of the most effective ways to engage the challenges our world faces today.

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About our visiting minister:

Mark’s … read more.

“Unitarian Universalist Spirituality”

“Unitarian Universalist Spirituality”

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The Rev. Dr. Don Fielding, Guest minister
“Don Fielding, who used to be a rather common fixture in our pulpit, will return on Sunday, October 22nd, with a Reflection about Spirituality: what it is, and how it … read more.