Laughter in Dark Times

When life gets you down, whether from personal  or global tragedy, it is important to find your laughter. As Josh Billings says about laughter, “Genuine laughing is the vent of the soul, the nostrils of the heart, and it is just as necessary for … read more.

A Three-In-One Morning

Three special observances coalesce within this week-end.  The Winter solstice on Saturday evening celebrates a pagan heritage.  Christians look with Joy on this third Sunday of Advent and Jews light the first Hanukkah candle at dusk Sunday evening. Our assembly today will celebrate Christmas, … read more.

Sitting On The Cusp Of A Year

We conclude this worship year, as is our tradition, with a morning assembly featuring all of us, everyone who would like to share a reading, song, poem, or a story.  Being at the cusp concluding the first decade of the century and launching into … read more.