Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Mark Y. A. Davies

Look for the Helpers

Look for the Helpers

The Rev Dr Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

The morning program (appears here on Saturday)

As we experience these daunting times, what wisdom might we gain from Mr. Roger’s mother’s advice that we should “look for the helpers.” How can we be the helpers in … read more.

No Place for Apathy

Of his upcoming discourse, Dr. Mark writes …

Let’s face it. The times are difficult. The suffering is real. Global challenges are not getting any easier. With so many trials and tribulations, it is no wonder we may feel like giving up, but there is just … read more.

Good Habits: Cultivating Virtue

“Good Habits: Cultivating Virtue” with the rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies

The Morning Program https://redriveruu.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/TMP-04-11-v2-DMS-study.pdf

Sneak Peek:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QC5Mft4gY8

Of his remarks Dr. Davies writes,  “Aristotle believed that possessing good character is about cultivating moral and intellectual virtue, and this requires practicing good habits for the sake … read more.