Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Mark Y. A. Davies

The Value of Pluralism

The Value of Pluralism
Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

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Pluralism is one of the most important values for a vibrant democracy and the cultivation of beloved community. If we … read more.

“Ecological Salvation”


Ecological Salvation
The Rev Dr Mark Y.A. Davies, leading
Of his discourse, Mark writes:  Salvation is a concept shared by a number of different religious traditions and typically focuses on the salvation of individuals or portions of the human community from evil, travails, … read more.

“Beliefs and Values”

Beliefs and Values
The Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies,  leading

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When it comes to building Beloved Community, shared values are much more important than adherence to a set of beliefs, doctrines, or dogmas.

About … read more.

It’s a Conspiracy!

It’s a Conspiracy!

The Rev Dr Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

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So many persons are drawn to conspiracy theories. When one begins to believe one of the many baseless conspiracy theories being spread, it is like a … read more.