Celebrations with Light

Many fall/winter celebrations before the end of the year are called a “Festival of Lights”. Others are celebrated by lighting candles even if the title is not formal. Today we are going to explore the celebrations that are held in late fall, early winter and … read more.

We Are All Santas

It is literally impossible to avoid Christmas in our culture, so the Worship Team decided to embrace it ~ heavenly flavored with doses of Unitarian Universalism.  Come join in a Red River UU Christmas; singing some carols, hearing some familiar (and not so familiar) readings … read more.

Know Your Status

Christopher Grimes

Next Saturday, December 1st marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, where people from all faiths, sexualities, and social status can remember and honor those who fought a courageous battle with HIV/AIDS while celebrating the advances that have been made in the fight … read more.