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The Sin of Nicaea

The Sin of Nicaea
The Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

An exploration of problematic relationships between church and state, especially when the power of the state is used to enforce adherence to religious beliefs and doctrines.

 Leading today’s morning assembly is the Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies.  … read more.

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  • This Day in Unitarian Universalist History January 17This Day in Unitarian Universalist History January 17
    1898 – Lady Frances Anna Maria Russell, who helped to organize the Unitarian church in Richmond, Surrey, England, died. Her grandson was philosopher Bertrand Russell.The post January 17 first appeared on Harvard Square Library.Read more at: - the digital library of Unitarian Universalism. Read more »
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We are Unitarian Universalists. We are people from all walks of life who share a common understanding that we do not all have to think alike. The questions sometimes are more important than the answers, from religious beliefs to political persuasions, whom we love, to what we eat, it all is equally respected. We also are the only religiously liberal community anywhere in Texoma and draw from a dozen or more small towns in Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas.  
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Living our lives with integrity, respectful of all people and committed to always exploring our individual paths of knowledge, service and spiritual growth is what we are doing. It happens in surprising ways – a sermon, a discussion, a potluck, an outreach project or a protest and sitting in stillness with a chapel full of kindred spirits. It can be hard to fathom how beautifully embracing a pluralistic view of life can bring such joy.

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UUs closed out 2021 giving voice to UU values and joining the Poor People’s Campaign for a Moral March in Washington, D.C. Religious leaders including Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray joined people from across the United States to call on the Senate to take legislative action by year’s end. This video from UU World magazine shares highlights of the event.