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Rise of Religious Fundamentalism in the 20th Century

Rise of Religious Fundamentalism in the 20th Century
Walter Norris, leading

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Of his discourse, Walter writes:
My last message was related to indicators during the 19th Century of an impending world-wide phenomenon known as Religious Fundamentalism.  My current message relates to … read more.

Leadership in Unprecedented Times By Elaine McArdle

Reflections on the transformational presidency of Susan Frederick-Gray. Susan Frederick-Gray: Leadership in Unprecedented Times.

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Our Purpose, Values and Covenant

This is an historic time of change and possibility for Unitarian Universalism. Learn how a team charged to study and revise key statements of UU faith developed new language to carry our living tradition into a new era. Learn more (YouTube).  

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  Living our lives with integrity, respectful of all people and committed to always exploring our individual paths of knowledge, service and spiritual growth is what we are doing. It happens in surprising ways – a sermon, a discussion, a potluck, an outreach project or a protest and sitting in stillness with a chapel full of kindred spirits. It can be hard to fathom how beautifully embracing a pluralistic view of life can bring such joy.

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What is our UU Covenant?


Unitarian Universalists are not required to accept, a professions of faith or specific sacraments as prerequisites for joining a UU congregation.  Rather we have seven principles upon which we build a Living Tradition.  Click on the link below to view our seven principles and also see that our Living Tradition we share draws from many sources.

UUs are now exploring an eighth principle related to creating the beloved community, as discussed in the above 3 minutes video.

Our Seven Principles