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Prophets and Priests

Throughout the history of religious experience, there has been a tension between the prophetic and priestly functions of religion. Religion sometimes challenges the norms and practices of society and culture, and at times it reinforces the norms and practices of society and culture. What … read more.

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Looking Ahead EQUIP 2019 A special event for us all.  
Sat. Aug 10th at First UU Dallas, a morning (and lunch) gathering starting with “Music in the Air”, followed by 5 different workshops each focusing on diverse topics and concluding with lunch for all.  Free!  Check out details here. If you are interested be sure to click the Register button at the bottom of this link.    

Did You Know?

  • This Day in Unitarian Universalist History July 20
    by Frank Schulman on July 21, 2019 at 12:09 am

    Königsberg Castle before WWI 1611 – Florian Crusias, as distinguished philosopher and theologian of Danzig, Poland, held a public Greek disputation for his students at the University of Königsberg. Greek was the language used by advanced scholars in the study of the New Testament. The Socinians regarded Crusius as the “prince of philosophers.”   Read more at: - the digital library of Unitarian Universalism. […]