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This Sunday

Ghosts of Christmas Past

“Ghosts of Christmas Past.”
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Of her discourse, Elena comments:
Are you overwhelmed by tinsel, lights, gift obligations and Jingle Bells on endless repeat? Join us on December 10th to search for the deeper meaning of the season and sources … read more.

Welcome, to This Season of Return

The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt, elected UUA President at General Assembly in June 2023, offers a message of welcome at the start of a new congregational year for Unitarian Universalists.  

This Day in UU History

Provided by Harvard Square Library Feed
  • This Day in Unitarian Universalist History December 6

    1563 – Agitation began in Zürich, Switzerland, against the presence of the anti-Trinitarian Bernardino Ochino, who was strongly influenced by Michael Servetus in his rejection of the Trinity. Ochino was banished from the state of Zurich and the church “to preserve the peace and purity of both.” His book Thirty Dialogues, dealing mostly with whether Jesus was the Messiah, which he denied, and the Trinity, which he rejected.The post December 6 first appeared on Harvard Square Library.Read more at: www.HarvardSquareLibrary.org - the digital library of Unitarian Universalism.

Church Calendar

We Are Looking For A Minister

We have officially begun the process to find a two year contract minister. This is a big step for us and a huge financial commitment. We will be funding the minister compensation package through grants, restricted donations, pledge income, savings, and budget adjustments.   To find out more about our efforts and current progress, click here. To contribute to our Minister Compensation fund, click here  

Ten Years of Black Lives Matter

July 13, 2023, marked the ten-year anniversary of the Black Lives Matter movement which was born as the response from the killing Trayvon Martin,

Read the UU World article here    

We Cannot Normalize Authoritarianism

The Indian Child Welfare Act preserves Indigenous culture and sovereignty by protecting Native children from being removed during custody proceedings and placed with non-Native families.

Read the details here.