Over our 27 years, we’ve only briefly had one ¼ time minister but that was 15 years ago. We’ve muddled along, getting older, but without a minister we’re not recognized as a valued voice, even among the 60 plus churches in Denison.

Our congregation is about evenly divided with folks living in Oklahoma and Texas. Our closest UU Congregations are in Plano TX (50 miles south) and Norman OK (145 miles north.) We are looking for a minister to join us in becoming a full-service, active and growing beloved community.

Both Sherman and Denison are growing. This growth is greatly influenced by several high-tech businesses expanding or moving into our area. According to the Denison Development Alliance, $35 billion in technology investments are moving into this area. To find out more about the growth boom in this area, visit the Denison Development Alliance and Sherman Economic Development Corporation websites.

This growth is bringing higher-salaried people from less conservative areas of the country. We are already seeing a few visitors coming to Sunday services that are new to town and have a UU background. We are hopeful that trend will increase as more people move into our area.

One area for which we are proud is our outreach to the LGBTQAI+ community which has brought several newcomers who are actively involved in the congregation.

We have entered our church information into the UUA Minister Search Portal. This officially allows us to begin the process of a minister search through the UUA following their guidelines. We will also look into minister candidates that are not in the UUA profile. If we become interested in any of these other candidates, we will need to submit them to UUA for vetting before we can officially pursue them.

If you are interested in applying or know someone that is interested please send your contact information to us and we will get back to you.