In exploring our web site, you may have noticed we don’t use the word “denomination” because, truth is, we’re not a denomination.  Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is autonomous.  How it worships, works, serves, grows and becomes is independent of any other UU congregation.  That’s part of the beauty of diversity.


Our autonomy includes who we choose to be minister to us.  In fact, ordination in our tradition only can be done by a local UU congregation.  Our autonomy means no outside authority can make us do anything.  No, we are not a denomination.  Rather, we are an association of 1,000+ independent congregations.


Only those of us who feel Red River UU is our spiritual home are the people who hold the responsibility for assuring we have the financial resources to be the vibrant group we are. We pause weekly and ask people to contribute.  That act, by the way, comes to all religious institutions thanks to our Universalist forebearers in Gloucester MA who sued the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the right to have their religious tax dollars support their church rather than the church of the standing order.  We take seriously the freedom to give and are not shy about inviting others to join in the spirit of giving – time, energy and money.


We hold an annual Stewardship Campaign each spring and from the pledged bounty we create an operating budget for the next year.


If you’d like to learn more about giving opportunities, go to our Donate page or contact us.