We make “joyful noise” at Red River Unitarian Universalist Church!

Our Sunday assemblies feature congregational singing from a wide range of sources—our two UU songbooks (Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey), rock and folk music, American standards, and sometimes even Broadway show tunes!

From time to time, we offer all-music services with artists and performers such as Dallas-based flutist Cornell Kinderknecht, local dulcimer playing folk group The SonShine Sisters, and the nationally known UU musician Jim Scott.

As a lay-led congregation, we rely mostly on our own resources to make music, just as we rely on ourselves to operate all other aspects of our church. At least two Sundays a year, a volunteer keyboardist from the congregation provides live music for our assembly, and another member of the church occasionally sings special music. On other Sundays, we take advantage of recorded accompaniment to sing along to—and it all comes together pretty well. We are eager to include your voice among our joyful noise-makers!