Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Christine Tata

Christine Tata has enjoyed visiting Red River from time to time through the years to preach, lead workshops, and appreciate the growth and sincerity of this fellowship. She brings a lifelong interest in religion and spirituality, a variety of academic and professional credentials, and pastoral experience as ordained minister for several progressive congregations. Christine now writes on Medium.com as Rev Dr Sparky, continuing in her mission to inspire courage in the face of absurdity.

The Truth About Easter, Part Part II: Women Change the World In Secret

The Truth About Easter, Part Part II: Women Change the World In Secret

The Morning Program TMP – 04-04 – DMS-study

Sneak Peek about Easter Sunday’s discourse:


the rev. Dr. Christine Tata

The Real Truth About Easter (Part Two): Women … read more.

“New Prophets for the Church of the Real World” the rev Dr. Christine Tata, speaking

THE MORNING PROGRAM: https://redriveruu.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/TMP-02-07-DMS-study-.pdf

New Prophets for the Church of the Real World

Here’s a glimpse of Christine’s thinking:

The Morning Program (will appear here on Saturday afternoon/evening)

Since the middle of the twentieth century, this country has struggled to throw off its beginnings as an apartheid state and … read more.

“One Thing at Once”

“One Thing at Once”   The Rev. Dr. Christine Tata, speaking

The blessing of contemplating the vastness of our world is that it keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. But when we see this hurting world in all its complexity, it’s easy to despair—what difference can … read more.