“First, There Was Eve in Africa”

TMP - 02-21-DMS-study

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“First, There Was Eve in Africa“: If you’re ever feeling lonely, just remember that every stranger you meet is actually your distant kin. We are all descendants of the first human: Mitochondrial Eve, the original homo sapiens, who emerged in Africa as the ancestral mother of the whole race. Moreover, Africa’s centuries-long history of civilizations and empire dwarfs that of the United States and mo. So please join the Rev. Dr. Christine Tata on February 21 at 11:15 a.m. when we will ponder how we all got here: first, there was Eve….

About Sunday’s speaker: Christine Tata has enjoyed visiting Red River from time to time through the years to preach, lead workshops, and appreciate the growth and sincerity of this fellowship. She brings a lifelong interest in religion and spirituality, a variety of academic and professional credentials, and pastoral experience as ordained minister for several progressive congregations. Christine now writes on Medium.com as Rev Dr Sparky, continuing in her mission to inspire courage in the face of absurdity.

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