“Renegotiating the Four Agreements: Reading The Fine Print”

Sneak Peek:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16U14LwUSpU

The Morning Program (appears here on Saturday afternoon/evening)

Don Miguel Ruiz’s little book, The Four Agreements, spent a decade on the NY Times bestseller list, offering Toltec wisdom to help North Americans see that humans are actually dreaming all the time, and what we think is “reality” is only a set of agreements we have made with the dream world we are in. Ruiz said we needed to break those old agreements and replace them with some better ones, and a lot of people liked that idea. But now… we might need to look at the fine print on those four agreements… because “reality” just sent us some new Terms of Service. And this time I think we better read ‘em.

Review or read the book in PDF format, free  here

About Sunday’s speaker: Christine Tata has enjoyed visiting Red River from time to time through the years to preach, lead workshops, and appreciate the growth and sincerity of this fellowship. She brings a lifelong interest in religion and spirituality, a variety of academic and professional credentials, and pastoral experience as ordained minister for several progressive congregations. Christine now writes on Medium.com as Rev Dr Sparky, continuing in her mission to inspire courage in the face of absurdity.

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