“How I’d Fix the Whole Shebang in My First 100 Days As President”

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January 24, 2021: “How I’d Fix the Whole Shebang in My First 100 Days As President”

Come on, admit it—deep down, we all believe that if they’d just put us in charge, for crying out loud, we could cut through the nonsense and fix this mess the world is in! Maybe it’s a fantasy. But let’s just indulge it for once and see what happens. Join us as Rev Dr Christine, with no training whatsoever in government, science, or political science, lays out a comprehensive plan for setting the entire world to rights, once and for all. What could go possibly wrong?

The Rev. Dr. M. Christine Tata

We welcome back to our pulpit the Rev. Dr. Christine Tata who has enjoyed visiting Red River from time to time through the years to preach, lead workshops, and appreciate the growth and sincerity of this congregation. She brings a lifelong interest in religion and spirituality, a variety of academic and professional credentials, and pastoral experience as ordained minister for several progressive congregations. Christine now writes on Medium.com as Rev Dr Sparky, continuing in her mission to inspire courage in the face of absurdity.