The Truth About Easter, Part Part II: Women Change the World In Secret

The Truth About Easter, Part Part II: Women Change the World In Secret

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Sneak Peek about Easter Sunday’s discourse:

the rev. Dr. Christine Tata

The Real Truth About Easter (Part Two): Women Change the World in Secret

Last week, Dr. Tata ended her Palm Sunday sermon with a mystery to solve: what happened to Jesus’s body following his death by crucifixion? This Easter, she reveals the life-affirming solution, which is also the key to reclaiming the transformative potential of the Jesus movement. You won’t want to miss the finale of this special two-part series, which offers seekers and believers a way of seeing Easter that challenges us not to settle for anything less than mystery and miracle.

About today’s guest minister:

Rev. Dr. Christine Tata is an itinerant United Church of Christ preacher who has loved preaching virtual messages for real people for progressive congregations in the area, especially during the pandemic year of necessary rapid learning and change. Drawing from her peripatetic life experience in parish ministry and the helping professions, as well as the drama of the written and spoken and performative word and Word, she remains a lifelong seeker of truth and compassion and hopes for nothing less than the transformation of the world. In April, she will joyfully commence a two-month interim sojourn as Acting Senior Minister for Friends Congregational UCC in College Station. For courage in the face of absurdity, follow her alter ego, Rev Dr Sparky on, and sign up for the newsletter, Real/igion for the Rest of Us.  

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