Working to End Homelessness

11:15 am –  The Morning Assembly

Working to End Homelessness
Leigh Walker, guest speaker

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We welcome to the free pulpit this morning Leigh Walker who works with helping reduce homeless families in Grayson County.  She is the executive director of Family Promise, a nonprofit organization serving families in transition.  Its mission is intersecting faith and community to empower Grayson County families to end child homelessness by helping families facing or experiencing homelessness.

Leigh Walker, our guest speaker on Sunday, June has been the Executive Director of Family Promise of Grayson County since the organization began serving guests in 2018.  Prior to that, she worked for the District Courts, doing home studies for adoptions and disputed custody cases.  She has enjoyed being a social worker for over 40 years.  She, her husband (Jim), and their two grown daughters (Sarah and Hannah), share a love of hiking, camping, reading, traveling, and playing games.