Speaker: The Worship Team

A Three-In-One Morning

Three special observances coalesce within this week-end.  The Winter solstice on Saturday evening celebrates a pagan heritage.  Christians look with Joy on this third Sunday of Advent and Jews light the first Hanukkah candle at dusk Sunday evening. Our assembly today will celebrate Christmas, … read more.

Promises to Keep, and Miles to Go

It was the youngest parent in our community who suggested we devote a Sunday morning to an exploration of parents, children and liberal religion.  Parenting is a lifelong commitment, filled with promises to keep and miles to go.  Parents, it seems, have rather strong opinions about … read more.

In Memoriam

Our assembly this Sunday, In Memoriam, focuses on remembering the women and men who have given their lives in service to the Republic during the 83 wars or other conflicts involving the United States.  Over one and a half million people have died.   It is … read more.

Mothers and Flowers

In 1872 Unitarian Julia Ward Howe began advocating the creation of a “Mother’s Day for Peace.”  Her original concept has completely died out. The history of Mother’s Day reminds us that it is more than a day for flowers and pancakes. It’s a time to … read more.

What the Seven Principles Mean to You

This year’s annual winter sharing service is taking a bit of a twist by giving us a theme to work from as we each select something to share.

In our search for truth, we have seven principles that serve as moral guides.  On Sunday, if you … read more.