Speaker: The Worship Team

Water Communion Sunday –

Water Communion Sunday – The Worship Team, leading
In 1980, two Unitarian universalist women, Carolyn McDade and Lucille Shuck Longview, were asked to create a worship experience for the Women and Religion Continental – Convocation of Unitarian Universalist. As they shaped that ceremony McDade and Longview … read more.

Strong Families – More than Cards and Flowers

“Strong Families – More than Cards and Flowers”
Flower Communion Sunday & Mother’s Day, too!

The Worship Team, leading

There are reasons the worship team decided to focus on history of Mother’s Day and Flower Communion – both events were invented by Unitarian women, both carry intriguing … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

The morning program
Flower Communion Sunday


A Sunday to celebrate one of the loveliest traditions from our Unitarian forbearers. Now in it’s 98 year, flower communion is an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community.  The history of flower communion will be shared, its … read more.

“Water Communion with a Twist”

Our Annual Water Communion will be Sunday, September 20th and you are encouraged to participate.  How?  By making a short (30 seconds or less) video with you doing something that involves water.  Be creative.  Have fun.  Be … read more.

Liberating Strife: Independence Day 2020

Watch this morning assembly here

The Morning Program is below.

The little-known third verse of “America the Beautiful” contains these words:

“Oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life!”

Emerging from the liberating strife … read more.