Adult Forum – Field Guide to North American Wildlife


12:00 am - 11:00 am

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Wildlife is all around us in North America: in the air, on land, underwater. Not only are these animals astounding and fascinating to see, but they’re also more important to our survival than most of us realize.

There’s a fantastic array of native mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates that populate the North American continent. All of them play an important role in our ecosystem. As human activity takes a heavy toll on the natural ecosystems we depend on, it’s more important than ever to understand native species and why their survival is so imperative.

12 Lectures

March 24 – Where the Red Wolf Still Roams
March 31 – The Resurgent American Alligator
April 7 – What You Probably Don’t Know About Bees
April 14 – The Monarch Butterfly’s Astonishing Journey
April 21 – The Arduous, Important Lives of Salmon
April 28 – The Giant Hellbender Salamander
May 5 – Neither Pig nor Rodent: The Tusked Javelina
May 12 – Opossum: A Kangaroo Cousin in Your Backyard
May 19 – Secrets of the Leatherback Sea Turtle
May 26 – What to Do If You Meet a Black Bear
June 2 – The Horseshoe Crab’s Many Gifts


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