Adult Forum for January: Changing Technologies


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Red River UU Church
515 N. Burnett Ave, Denison, TX, 75021

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During January, we will learn about various changing technologies that impact our lives. You may also join us on Zoom. The Zoom link information is at the top of the Home page and is the same Zoom ID that we use for morning assembly.

Jan 2: The Webb Telescope
How does the Webb Telescope work? :   29 min 45 sec
What makes Lagrange points special locations in space:  13 min 30 sec
Jan 9: Power Grid Storage

Pumped water Storage :   9 min 13 sec
Iron air Battery storage:   12 min 2 sec
Rail gravity energy storage :    2 min 51 sec
Liquid metal battery :    32 min 33sec
Flywheel energy storage:    11 min 19 sec

Jan 16: Coal plans and mines in Navajo county

Navajo nation buys coal mines on the cheap:    6 min 11 sec
Dropping stacks at Navajo Power Plant in Page, AZ:    3 min 4 sec
Demolition of Nucla Power Plant this year in July:    3 min 46 sec
Nanticoke Generating station demolition, Ontario, Canada:   11 min 2 sec
Wind turbine failures, top ten:   10 min 27 sec
Thermal solar farm in China:     8 min 6 sec
World’s biggest Energy Megaprojects:    10 min 9 sec
Jan 23:An overview of some of the nuclear power plant accidents.

They seem terrible, but compared to the thousands of people killed by coal mining accidents and “Black Lung” disease, nuclear is pretty minuscule.

First fatal accident in US SL-1 reactor in Idaho:   24 min 53 sec
Comparisons of dangerousness of nuclear power:    15 min 02 sec
Economics of nuclear power:    16 min 10 sec

Jan 30: The great Texas blackout 202

Fault Lines; The Texas blackout:  25 min 38 sec
What really happened?   16 min 47 sec
Who’s to blame :    2 min 50 sec