COMMUNITY SAFETY WORKSHOP – What if our congregation was targetted?


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Community Safety: What If Red River UU is a target? Think about the firebombing last month at Community UU in Plano!

A special Online workshop.  Read the details below.

Across religious traditions, we are seeing online threats, pride and Black Lives Matter banners torn down, hate speech graffiti-ed on synagogues, violent actors appearing at sanctuaries and disrupting services, and more.

So, how can congregations be prepared? Why is this violence escalating, and what community safety practices can we engage in now that also help us build the world we long for?  Join us for a 2-part training series for faith communities of all traditions, in which we’ll explore the current context of authoritarianism in the US, why faith communities are being targeted, and practical tools and skills your congregation can build and practice together. The training series will be led by Christian, Jewish, and UUA SURJ-Faith leaders.

Register below!  We will be referencing SURJ-Faith’s Community Safety for All toolkit, so sign up for that now!

There will be participant support, live captioning, and ASL available.

Sessions will be recorded and made available for future use.

Hungry for more training on how We Keep Each Other Safe? Check out SURJ’s Get Ready, Stay Ready series, August-November 2023. We will focus on skill-building and practical moves that give your group, your actions, and your community more choices, especially when up against far right actors and state agencies. Click HERE for more information!

Session One:

Setting the Table: Why Are Congregations Being Targeted?

Date/Time: August 23, 8-10pmET / 5-7pmPT

This session will explore the current rise of authoritarianism in the US, and why faith communities are a target for violence.

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Session Two:

Road Map to Building Community Safety

Date/Time: October 18, 8-10pmET / 5-7pmPT

This session will offer a 1, 5, and 10 year road map for building community safety with your congregation, as well as dig in to 2 tools you can begin to practice together.

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