the UPDATE: Jan 11-18, 2023


01/11/23 - 01/18/23    
All Day

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the UPDATE Jan 11-18, 2023

This Sunday

January 15, 2023


The Adult Forum

Gathering in the Alexander room

Virtual Friends join us on ZOOM using

ZOOM meeting ID 989 0789 7878

Comparative Religion

A Great Courses Series

Now thru Jan 29

Details here

Makings Things Happen on Sunday

Greeting us at the doors: Amy Hoffman-Shehan

Host: Marion Hill

Leading today: Mark Y.A. Davies

AV Crew: Carole Harner, Don Rogers, Jim Holmes, Marla Loturco

Sunday School Leader: David Dyer

Providing refreshments: Jim & Marsha Runnels,

Elbert & Marion Hill


The Morning Assembly

Gathering In Person in the Chapel with

Virtual Friends joining us on ZOOM using

ZOOM meeting ID 989 0789 7878

It’s a Conspiracy!

The Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

So many persons are drawn to conspiracy theories. When one begins to believe one of the many baseless conspiracy theories being spread, it is like a gateway drug that leads persons down a path of accepting beliefs and explanations of reality that are demonstrably untrue and that are often racist, anti-science, and have the capacity to motivate persons to bring great harm to others. You may read Dr. Davies’s bio here.


Conversations & Calories

Our answer to traditional church coffee hours. Gathering in the Emerson and Alexander Rooms we enjoy lively conversations and assortments of finger food and sweets to enjoy.


The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner event for 2023 will be on a bit different. This year the plan is for a special catered lunch following the morning assembly on Sunday, February 26. This annual highlight of our church year is both a joyful celebration and a meaningful honoring of our past and future. Won’t you save the date in your calendar now? 

Watch for more information in the UPDATE, newsletter, website, mobile app, and morning programs!

The board will meet this Sunday, Jan 15 following the morning assembly. If you wish to speak with the boar, please let Marilyn Alexander know so she can schedule to in the agenda.

The Minister Search Committee meets tomorrow, Thursday, Jan 12th at 2 pm at church on Zoom. If you’d like to sit in on the meeting, please speak with the chair, Jim Holmes.

Search committee meetings are open to all who wish to attend.

Chair Yoga meets next Tuesday, Jan 17 from 10-11 am in the chapel. Open to all who wish to attend.


The Spiritual Self-help Group/Book Club meets next Tuesday, Jan 17 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at church

This ongoing conversation starts with a discussion of Eckhart Tolle’s award-winning book THE POWER OF NOW.

If you have not read the book, you can listen to the entire book here or download the PDF version here.

Please note: You do NOT have to had read the book in order to participate in the group.



The Morning Assembly from Last Sunday

The Complete Morning Assembly


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