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01/18/23 - 01/25/23    
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Jan 18-25, 2023

This Sunday

January 22, 2023


The Adult Forum

Gathering in the Alexander room

Virtual Friends join us on ZOOM using

ZOOM meeting ID 989 0789 7878

Comparative Religion

A Great Courses Series

Now thru Jan 29

Details here

Makings Things Happen on Sunday

Greeting us at the doors: Amy Hoffman-Shehan

Host: Marion Hill

Leading today: Mark Y.A. Davies

AV Crew: Carole Harner, Don Rogers, Jim Holmes, Marla Loturco

Sunday School Leader: David Dyer

Providing refreshments: Jim & Marsha Runnels,

Elbert & Marion Hill


The Morning Assembly

Gathering In Person in the Chapel with

Virtual Friends joining us on ZOOM using

ZOOM meeting ID 989 0789 7878

The Social Ethics of Social Media

The Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

The chaos at a certain social media company over the past few months raises the question, “What is the good of social media?” With billions of persons investing so much of their time and lives into their presence on social media, how can social media be used in ways that benefit rather than harm the well-being of the human community?  You may read Dr. Davies’s bio here.


Conversations & Calories

Our answer to traditional church coffee hours. Gathering in the Emerson and Alexander Rooms we enjoy lively conversations and assortments of finger food and sweets to enjoy.

Bigger Than Roe 50 Year Rally

this Sunday, Jan 22 @ 4-5 pm

We are ALL born free and equal in dignity and rights. The Supreme Court of the U.S. and the United States Congress have failed in their obligation to protect, respect, and uphold our human rights. The women’s wave delivered a blow to anti-freedom politicians in the 2022 midterms, and now we are taking the fight out of D.C. and into every single state in this country.

On January 22, 2023, the anniversary of Roe V Wade, as we mourn the loss of nearly 50 years of constitutional protections, we send another clear message:

The midterms were just the beginning. We are not going gently. We are taking our fight to every state and every legislator in this country. We are putting all politicians at every level of government on notice: If you come for our families, our freedoms, or our future, we are coming for your seat. Our movement is strong. Our movement is growing.

Our movement is Bigger than Roe.




100 W Houston St

Sherman, TX, 75090

United States

On the steps of the Grayson County Courthouse


Sunday, Jan 22 at 4 pm


Sunday, Jan 22 @ 5 pm

The Rev. Dianna Nieman-Harris ~ 1956-2022

Dianna was a active member from 2005 – 2011 when she moved to Missouri. She was active during her years with us leading worship, serving on the Board and always willing to help out. An ordained UCC minister she served as a chaplain at Texoma Medical Center.

Dianna’s niece realized she hadn’t heard from her on Christmas Eve so she went to check and found her unconscious. She had suffered a stroke and died a few days later. A celebration of her life was held at Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Wright City, MO on Jan 7th. A video of her service is available on Facebook here:

Our friend, The Venerable Lama Tashi Nyima, is currently in a Dallas hospital suffering from a bout of COVID.

Tashi has offer our congregation several thoughtful discourses over the last several years including: The Joy of Impermanence, Dark Alleys, Bright Aisles, Not Me, Not Mine, Not Myself.

Pause for a couple moments and offer healing thoughts, prayers and good wishes to the universe for a speedy recovery.



Sherman Community Players presents Thomas Gibbons’ PERMANENT COLLECTION, directed by Darrah Dunn.

Chair Yoga meets next Tuesday, Jan 24 from 10-11 am in the chapel. Open to all who wish to attend.

The Spiritual Self-help Group/Book Club meets next Tuesday, Jan 24 from 6:30 – 7:30 and warming welcomes newcomers.


The Morning Assembly from Last Sunday

It’s A Conspiracy!

The Complete Morning Assembly:


The Morning Discourse only:


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