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03/08/23 - 03/15/23    
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This Sunday,

March 12, 2023


The Adult Forum

Gathering in the Alexander room and welcome our

Virtual Friends on ZOOM using zoom meeting ID 989 0789 7878

The Long Strange Trip – A Journey Through 2,000 Years

of Unitarian Universalist History

This is a six-part video series by Ron Cordes that explores the history of Unitarian and Universalist thought and practice from the early, liberal strands in faith at the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism. Weekly now thru April 23rd. Full details here

Who’s Doing What This Sunday…

  • Board Rep: Carole Harner
  • Greeting us at the doors:
  • Host: Marion Hill
  • Guest Minister: Mark Y.A. Davies
  • Sunday School Leader: David Dyer
  • AV TeamCarole Harner, Don Rogers, Jim Holmes, Marla Loturco
  • Good Times TeamTeam 2 is providing refreshments

What’s Wrong Here?


The Morning Assembly

Gathering in the Alexander room and welcome our

Virtual Friends on ZOOM using zoom meeting ID 989 0789 7878

The Wisdom and Dangers of Religious Myths.

The Rev. Dr. Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

The scriptures of the world’s religions contain great wisdom for humanity, but they are products of their context, and when we attempt to take them literally and apply them without critical interpretation, they can be used in unhealthy, dangerous, and even deadly ways. the salvation of the whole ecological community.  You can read Mark’s bio herethese words: “You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” You can read Mark’s bio here.


Conversations & Calories

is our answer for the traditional church coffee hour. We gather in the Alexander and Emerson Rooms for lively conversations and light snacks. Open you everyone – especially you😏.

Here’s the Better Question:


Did you answer PEOPLE ARE MISSING. Bingo, you get the gold ring (oops, wrong game😏) The church is creating new tri-fold fliers and we want to use the image above IF we can fill those 19 seats with the back of the heads of joyful people) except the 4 on stage right.

The plan is to recruit people to sit in those seats before Mark starts this Sunday’s Morning Assembly. Marla and Jim will click away to capture a far more inviting visual for the new brochures. The photos will be taken at 11:10 am this Sunday, March 12. It won’t take but one minute, then you’re invited to sit wherever you wish.

The Welcoming Committee

meets this Sun. Mar 12 at 1 pm in the Emerson room to continue their work in supporting LGBTQAI people in our communities.

Yoga Class

Chair Yoga continues to gather every Tuesday morning from 10-11 am in the chapel. Open to all who wish to attend.

Spiritual Study Group

The Spiritual Self-help Group/Book Club continues their exploration of the book “Getting to Now” on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30. Anyone interested is encouraged to drop by whether you’ve read the book or not.

The next Free Children’s Clothing Swap

is this Friday and Saturday, Mar. 10 & 11 in the Chapel. Anyone may come to the swap and exchange gently used children’s clothes for other donated clothes for the children in their lives.

Swap open from 3-8 pm on Friday and 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday. Anyone may come to the swap and exchange gently used children’s clothes for other donated clothes for the children in their lives. We do require that any clothes that are brought in to be clean, in good condition, and free of stains or holes. We also welcome members of the community who are in need but have no clothes to swap – ensuring that all kids have access to clean, fitting clothes is the priority.  Help is needed setting up and assisting during the swap. Sign up via email here.

LGBTQAI Letter writing party

The Welcoming Congregation Committee would like to invite everyone to join them for a Postcard Party at the church on Sat., March 11th from 1 to 4 pm. in the Emerson Room at church. We will be writing personal messages to our various area Texas State legislators letting them know our opposition to the various anti-LGBTQIA bills that

are slated this session. The postcards will be bulk mailed to Equality Texas, who will hand deliver all they receive to the addressee. Snacks & good conversation will be served! Questions? Just ask Jack, Adrian, Amy or Marla or email the church at (OK, we used a stock image to get your attention.)

Finance Committee meeting

Recently the finance committee sent out their request for all committees/teams/interest groups to submit how much their team or committee wants during the next budget year (Jul 1 – Jun 30) They are meeting on March 3 to start the budget process before 2023 Stewardship Campaign which will start in April. Groups are advised to have their budget proposals submitted no later than Mar 15 to


The Morning Assembly from Last Week

What Is Our Responsibility?

The Rev Dr Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

Here is the Morning Program

Watch the Entire Morning Assembly


Watch the Morning Discourse Only


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