Using Zoom

Lighting, camera, audio

Don’t walk around carrying phone, tablet

Everyone is watching, wear clothes

Being a Zoom Host

Screen share

Create a Video

Use landscape

MP4 or Mov format

lighting, camera at, near eye level, simple background (avoid distractions)

Email, copy to cloud, put on flash drive to get it to us


Being an OnLine Worship Associate

best clothes to wear, what to avoid

what else or do we need this section


How to Find Us on YouTube

Open YouTube on your browser or App. Search for Redriveruu and you will see our YouTube channel.

Please subscribe to our channel. This will also let you chat during the live service.

How to Find Us on FaceBook

On FaceBook go to Search and enter Red River Unitarian Universalist. This will bring ups a list of valid search items. Select Red River Unitarian Universalist Church to go to our FaceBook page. Be sure to select Follow to make it easier to return later and to see any new posts or comments on your FaceBook page.

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