We are embarking on the search for a 2 year full time contract minister to serve our congregation and community.

We held a special Congregational Meeting in March of 2022 where the congregation approved that we proceed in acquiring a 2 year full time contract minister.  At our Spring Congregational Meeting in May of 2022, the 5 member Minister Search Team was presented and approved. At the Fall Congregational Meeting held in October 2022, the members also approved up to $51,000 from savings to help fund the ministers compensation package.

The Minister Serach Team is:

  • Jim Holmes – chair
  • Marla Loturco
  • Jana Norris
  • Marilyn Alexander
  • David Dye

The Minister Search Team is following the UU Settlement Handbook and policies to help identify the next full time minister for Red River UU. This process includes multiple steps engaging the congregation, developing overviews of Red River UU, and reviewing candidates.

Minister Search Timeline (with notes):

  • March 2022: Congregation approves minister search – Complete
  • Send Minister questionnaire to Congregation and collect results – Complete
  • May 2023 – Spring Congregational Meeting: present the Minister Search Team for approval and present the Minister questionnaire – Complete
  • Minister Search Team to develop a timeline, search for other funding/grant options – Complete
    • Currently NTUUC and Chalice Lighters (UUA Southern Region) do grants for minister compensation
    • Other organizations that the team has found (to date) do not do funding/grants for minister compensation
  • Create an online pledge link to allow people to pledge funds for the minister compensation package. – Complete
  • October 2022 – Fall Congregational Meeting: The minister Search Team presents progress to date, funding projections and requests additional funds from savings. The Congregation approves up to $51,000 from savings – Complete
  • November 2022: Submit grant request for $50,000 to NTUUC to add to minister compensation funding. Currently NTUUC has frozen all grants due to their investments being down – On Hold until grants unfrozen by NTUUC
    • This delay pushed our target minister acceptance date from August 2023 to August 2024
    • This delay allows us more time to find additional funding and reduce how much we will need from savings
  • Note: New budget year starts July 1 2023: Budget year 2023-2024
  • Gather the history of Red River UU for the minister packet – In process
  • Gather information for the UUA church profile – In process
  • NTUUC approves grant this year NLT Oct-Nov 2023 – We hope
  • Approve Church History and UUA Church Profile by Team and present at Fall Congregational Meeting
  • Submit church profile to UUA by Dec 1 2023
  • Search for minister through UUA search portal starting Dec 2023 through early 2024 until we find possible candidates
  • Narrow selection down through interviews by Board and members
  • Members vote to approve candidate – May Congregational meeting
  • Make offer NLT end of June 2024
  • Apply for Chalice Lights grant for additional minister compensation funds
  • Minister accepts offer and starts Aug 2024: Budget year 2024-2025


If you wish to pledge click on the following link. Money pledged is not due until a minister starts.


Funds promised to date (February 2023) – $13,500.


PLEDGE to the Minister Fund