The 2021 Credo Sunday

The 2021 Credo Sunday

This year’s presenters are Cass Brigham, Carolyn Cameron, Jan Fletcher, Megan Hutchison, Carol Powell, and Don Rogers

The Worship Team invited six among us to give their Credo statements this Sunday.  Credo Sundays have happened annually for several years and are always one of the most appreciated morning assemblies we have.  If you’ve been skipping church for a while or are out of the habit of spending Sunday mornings at 515 North Burnett Ave, this is a perfect time to make a change.

In his book Building the Beloved Community, the Rev. Tom Owen-Towle offers some thoughts about Credos:

One’s credo is a personal witness to the core of one’s spiritual journey.  It means more than “I believe, I assert, I contend.”  It’s not equivalent to a philosophical discourse or a social rant.” 

Unitarian Universalists testify with minds on fire.  As Emerson put it in his Harvard Divinity School Address in 1838, “The true preacher can be known by this, that he [or she] deals out to the people their life – life passed through the fire of thought.”

Credo literally means, “I give my heart and loyalty to…”  Astute credos marry the gifts of both intellect and spirit.  The sharing of credos – 5-7 minutes (roughly four pages, double-spaced) statement of one’s current faith – can be the highlight of weekly worship.  Credos spur presenters to select highlights from their religious odyssey, highlight in those affirmations that sustain them during the happy and hard days and nights of life. 

 We all have a foundation upon which we build our religious philosophy.  It is nestled deep in our soul rather than printed in any brochure and hungers to be shared.  It comes from the depth of our own thought and heart.  It is the core of our individual spiritual path.

On this Credo Sunday, six among us will offer their credo.