“Discovering Unitarian Universalism”

“Discovering Unitarian Universalism”

The Rev. Aaron White (video message), speaking

The Rev. Aaron White, a former associate minister at First Unitarian Church of Dallas, describes his first encounter with Unitarian Universalism and how that encounter dramatically changed his life. His story has a special resonance for us in this congregation, since he came to learn about Unitarian Universalism through a small, lay-led congregation meeting at that time in Sherman, a congregation which would soon be known as Red River Unitarian Universalist Church. His story is engaging and down-home. Join the Worship Team as we remind ourselves of Unitarian Universalism’s power–and our own power–to inspire and bring about change.

About of our Sunday speaker, Aaron writes …

Hi, I’m Aaron,

I’m a dad, minister, and science nerd in Dallas, TX.

My writing lives where spirituality and science meet, and I refuse to pick a side. I love how ancient wisdom and modern discoveries can help us become fully human and write the biggest possible story of our lives. My articles are like a dinner table conversation between a Buddhist monk, the Sermon on the Mount, a neuroscientist, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I’m into comedy podcasts, gardening, playing guitar, reading, and riding my bike. I love the moon and stars, and I want to travel every bit of this world.

I’ve served as the founding editor of the Harvard Graduate Journal of Religion, a TEDx speaker, and a member of the Mayor’s Star Council in Dallas.