Seek and You Shall Find: Embodiment of Universal Law

The Morning Program:

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Jared’s unique Human Design and Geometry has led him on a spiritual quest to discover, embrace, and embody the universal underlying principles- the mystery behind the nature of a human life experience.  He is excited to share with us –  from at least a broad-strokes perspective – what he’s come to know.


Introducing our Sunday speaker:

I grew up in Windom TX and studied architecture at Texas A&M and abroad.  I returned to Sherman and joined the David Bacca Studio, architecture firm.   I’ve always been enjoyed exploring artistic disciplines like photography, landscape design, music, poetry, acting, filmmaking, and graphic arts.  Nine years ago, an inner pressure inspired me to move to southern California where I sought spiritual guidance from Forward-Edge thought as well as ancient wisdom teachings.  Having successfully navigating a mental/spiritual/emotional breakdown and the dark night of my soul, I’m now inspired to begin sharing what I’ve learned.