“Not Me. Not Mine. Not My Self”

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“Not me. Not mine. Not my self.”

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We welcome again to the free pulpit the venerable Tashi Nyima.  Of his upcoming remarks he writes,

      Are we this body and mind? Is this false identity the source of our suffering? 

     These are not mere philosophical questions; rather, they are central considerations for everyday living. 

     Let’s explore how we can become free of fixed identities and begin to experience real peace and clarity.


About this week’s Guest Monk:

The Venerable Tashi Nyima has studied under eminent Lamas of the Jonang, Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, and Geluk lineages of Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism, and leads the Universal Compassion Buddhist Congregation, with Sanghas in North and South America.

For more than three decades, Lama Tashi has shared non-sectarian Dharma teachings in person and through extensive use of social media and virtual platforms, and leads several meditation retreats for animal rights activists throughout the year. He publishes two daily Dharma blogs: GreatMiddleWay.wordpress.org, and GranViaCentral.wordpress.org (Spanish), and manages several Buddhist internet groups.

Known for his directness, clarity of expression, and sense of humor, Lama Tashi is the author of The Buddha’s Bowl, a collection of Buddhist instructions on radical compassion for animals, and The Dharma Handbook, an extensive commentary on a seminal text by Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen. He has also published El cuenco del Buda and Meditación sin mitos in the Spanish language.