Reaction to Modernity

Reaction to Modernity
Walter Norris, leading

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Karen Armstrong in several of her books about the history of religion reveals that “religious fundamentalism is a 20th Century phenomenon.”  She further communicates that “this phenomenon is a reaction or rejection to modernity.”

I am taking the opportunity to develop a three-part exposure of religious fundamentalism that will take place over three different morning discourses, each focusing on a Century – the 19th, 20th, and 21st.

On Sunday we will start with the early indicators during the 19th Century looking at the lessons from “Frankenstein”, Marxism, Evolution, and the loss of Colonialism.

Fifth Sunday All-Church Potluck Lunch

5th Sunday Potluck Lunch is today. Everyone from longtime members to first-time visitors is warmly invited to participate.  The process is simple:  bring a dish to share and plan on enjoying a lively, inclusive, and fun time.

We start immediately after the morning assembly.




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