Stages of Faith or Spiritual Development

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Stages of Faith or Spiritual Development
The Rev. Walter Norris, leading

In 1981, James Fowler, a Methodist Theologian at Emory University, developed the idea of a developmental process of human faith or spirituality.  We will consider the different stages that endure throughout a person’s individual life.  An example of one of these stages is the last or sixth stage, Universalizing Faith.  It is the stage that many never reach.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Mahatmas Gandhi are those who have reached this phase.  It is a phase that considers all people important.  They strive to create social justice in the world.


I am a former Southern Baptist.  I have a BA and a MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I rejected Baptist views and am a retired social worker in mental health issues.  I am passionate about civil and human rights.  Currently I am a docent educator with the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

I took a sharp left turn from my religious training and left evangelicalism.  I am very interested with oriental traditions and like to focus on a spiritual life rather than a religious one.

Walter and Susie Norris joined our congregation in August 2022.


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