“A Long History of Heretics” Part I

TMP - 06-13

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“A Long History of Heretics”
Part I

The Rev. Art Severance, speaking

Mark Twain said, “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so,” and we know from that that he was thinking like Unitarians and Universalists had always thought, except we would then question that kind of faith! And when you start questioning, you become a heretic, a word that means “choice”, butt really means WRONG choice. I will argue that our Founding Fathers weren’t Christians but heretics and Unitarians, the Pilgrims heretics from the Church of England  which were heretics from Catholicism. Emerson was a heretic from Unitarianism! And let’s talk about the difference between Arianism and Socinianism – it was a huge debate in early Unitarianism!

Note:  Part II Next Sunday