The Great Depression: Pain and Relief

The Great Depression: Pain and Relief
Dr. Glenn Melancon from Southeastern will be our guest speaker

The Morning Program

Of his discourse, our visiting speaking writes:

The Great Depression caused an incredible amount of physical and psychological pain. Conservative economics believed the pain necessary for a return to normal.  Pain taught people the cost of failure and motivated them to recover.  To remove the pain was to remove the moral hazard.  The New Deal rejected this orthodoxy.  The New Deal relieved the pain by putting money in the hands of consumers.  Consumers spent money in housing, food and clothing.  Consumer spending jumped started the economy and gave Americans hope.

About our Sunday speaker:

As an “Army Brat” Glenn Melançon [pronounced Mel-LAWN-sawn] learned the value of public service. He was born in Heidelberg, Germany, on January 24, 1966, and is the youngest of four children. His parents, Yves “Buster” and Anna Mae Melançon, had committed to a career in the US military, Buster as a combat engineer and Anna Mae as a military wife. Their sacrifices and examples provided the foundation for Glenn’s firm belief that serving others can make the world better one day at a time.

Glenn and his wife Jackie moved to Sherman in 1995 after he completed a Ph.D. in History from Louisiana State University. He had accepted an appointment to teach history at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, while Jackie became a special education teacher at Denison ISD. They are proud of their two sons, Christopher and Alexandre. Christopher is following in his grandfather’s footsteps as a combat engineer. Alex attended Sherman High School and the University of Louisiana–Lafayette.  He is now a proud member of the United States Airforce. While Glenn advanced in rank to become a Full Professor in July 2005, he made time to serve the local community. He served as the Cubmaster and Committee Chair for Pack 9, Wakefield Elementary School. He is also a volunteer at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.