“What Will You Bring To The Feast?” – Water Communion Sunday

About Our Morning Assembly
on Sunday, September 10th


“What Will You Bring To The Feast?”
The Worship Team, leading

In 1980, two Unitarian Universalist women, Carolyn McDade, and Lucille Shuck Longview, were asked to create a worship experience for the Women and Religion Continental Convocation of Unitarian Universalist. As they shaped that ceremony McDade and Longview wanted to create a ritual “that spoke to our connectedness to one another, to the totality of life, and to our place on this planet.” They included a new, inclusive symbol of women’s spirituality: water. They write that the first water communion was for them “a new story of creation,” and that water was their chosen symbol of empowerment.

This year our Water Communion will be celebrated with a folk tale about trickery at a royal feast. It provides a fresh lens for our Unitarian Universalist tradition of the water ceremony, also called “water communion,” “ingathering,” or “homecoming.”  As we begin a new congregational year by mingling our various contributions of water from the summer, each of us must answer these questions:

Will I contribute the best of myself to this
beloved community?

Will I share my gifts, adding to our abundance? or

Will I hold back my gifts for my own use?

Please bring a small vial of water and a contribution for the Denison Shelter. The list for the shelter includes: Mayonnaise … miracle whip … Paper Plates … Plastic Wear … Paper Towels … Solo Cups … Hamburger Buns, Hotdog Buns … Sliced bread … sliced cheese … shredded cheese … bottled water … snack foods … drinks like fruit juice … gallon zip lock bags … black sharpies … flour tortillas … tortilla chips … potato chips.