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The adult forum meets every Sunday morning from 10 – 11 AM via Zoom and offers a variety of programs which generally follow a presentation, live or video (think T.E.D. talks or Great Course Series) followed by a discussion.  The Forum selects their own topics.  The information is interesting, timely and the conversations are always lively.

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September 6

Cutting stone with sound – 9.07 min 

Gobekli Tepe, Oldest Temple on Earth – 15 min   

Who Built Gobekli Tepe, New Theory – 10 min

September 13

Excerpts from:

Joe Rogan Experience #725 with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson


Ellora Caves Documentary 2019 The Mind-Boggling Rock Cut Temples of India 

Ajanta Temple in Ellora Caves – Built with Alien Technology

September 20

UF0 2020

September 27

History Channel UnXplained  Season 2 Episode 4 The Truth about UFO’s – 42 min


NOTE: Also, of interest for independent viewing.

Tesla Wireless Energy – 13 min
Tesla No Free Energy Allowed – 11 min


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