Adult Forum for September: “The Growth of Religion.”


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Red River Unitarian Universalists
515 North Burnett Avenue, Denison, TX, 75020

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During September, we are exploring the growth of religion starting with the dawn of religion. The first two weeks will cover various religions around the world. The last two weeks will look at the beginning, rise, and decline of Unitarian Universalism.

Sept 5

The Dawn of Religion : Documentary on the First Beliefs of Ancient Peoples 2:15-49:33 = 47 min

Sept 12

Comparison of World Religions 35 min

7 Bizarre Religions That Actually Exist 14:30 min

Sept 19

UU History – Part 1 – 24:30 min

UU History – Part 2 15:47 min

Sept 26

UU History – Part 3 14:51 min

UU History – Part 4 10:54 min

The Rise and Fall of Unitarianism in America 16 Min

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