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Come join us as we discuss various topics of interest in our Adult Forum.Use this information to connect to the Zoom meeting.

Join this Zoom Meeting on Sunday at 10am. Click on the URL

or go to and join the meeting.

Meeting ID: 911 5549 7586

This Sunday we will view and discuss the Paul Wallis video: God and ET’s
Mystics & the Unified Field.

Click Here if you wish to watch the video.

This is the first in a series of his videos.
Author: Paul Wallis
In 1985, Paul Wallis began work centered on faith-community foundations –
informed by 24 years of living in varying degrees of intentional community.
As a Researcher and Educator, he trained pastors in Hermeneutics (the
principles of interpretation of texts) and the History of Christian Thought.
He served on a number of boards of directors, and led many groups on
retreats, work shopping the tools of the great mystics. His media as a
Communicator have been:
* Platform Speaking
* Broadcasting – as Guest and Host
* Books – with 10 books/collaborations in print
* Website

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