Earth Day Festival – SET UP DAY


8:45 am - 4:30 pm

Fri. Apr 3 is a very special day.  The success of the Earth Day Festival depends on getting everything set up NOW.

Volunteers are the backbone (and the reason) we have an Earth Day Festival.  We need people to mark off vendor and booth boundaries, set up the indoor activities, mark where each booth goes, set up the stage etc.etc. etc.

You may work as much as you are able and to volunteer, you need to have a volunteer form.  Here is the form all of us who volunteer need to fill out and return to Amy.  (Her address is on the form.)

REMEMBER PLEASE:  The form is to volunteer to help during the festival.  The church is having a booth and volunteers are needed to staff the booth.  What does that entail?  Smiling, being nice, answering questions about “So what is a Unitarian Universalist?” and telling those who ask something about who we are as a faith community.  If you would like to take a shift at the booth, please speak with a board member (Jim, Marilyn, David, Dick or Amy.)

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