the UPDATE: Nov 16-23, 2022


11/16/22 - 11/23/22    
All Day

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QUICK NOTE: Linn C. called to say that sometime between church on Sundaay and Tuesday afternoon she has misplaced her small purse, about the size of a cell phone, beige in color with a shoulder strap. If anyone happened to see it, she’d appreciate a call.

Nov 16-23, 2022

This Sunday, Nov 20, 2022

TO OUR VIRTUAL FRIENDS: Join us for our entire morning via Zoom. One Zoom meeting ID 989 0789 7878 will bring you to the Adult Forum and the Morning Assembly and tarry for Conversations & Calories, our answer to the traditional ‘coffee hour” 🤗


Adult Forum

In Person in the Alexander Room and streaming live

on Zoom Meeting ID: 989 0789 7878

Comparative Religions

A Video series from The Great Courses now through Jan

Details here



The Morning Assembly

Gathering In Person in the Chapel

Virtual Friends join us on ZOOM using

ZOOM meeting ID 989 0789 7878

What Gifts Can We Bring

The Worship Team, leading

The Worship Team leads this morning’s assembly in anticipation of Thanksgiving. We will celebrate this widely loved holiday in a ceremony of sharing. We ask that you bring the gift of yourself along with a favorite reading to share with the gathered community, and we will all share a symbolic meal of bread from the good Earth.

Download the Morning Program here.


  • Board Rep: Dick Powell
  • Greeting us at the door: Amy Hoffman-Shehan
  • Ask Me Host: David Dyer
  • Keyboardist: Dan Althoff
  • Leading today: The Worship Team
  • AV Crew: Carole Harner, Don Rogers, Jim Holmes, Marla Loturco
  • Sunday School Leader: Ellie Dyer
  • Providing refreshments: Carole Harner, Jana Norris, Jim Holmes, Darlene McKimmell



Conversations & Calories

A special time to get to know some people you have not had time to chat with as well as having some munchies

Thanksgiving Dinner in the Chapel

Thursday, Nov. 24 @ 2 pm

Everyone is warmly invited to abandon all the preparations required in order to pull off a thanksgiving dinner by inviting your family and friends to come to the chapel for our All-Church Thanksgiving Dinner Potluck.

Imagine having to only prepare one dish (to feed oodles of people please), skip getting out the ‘good china’ and silver, avoid the last-minute vacuuming, setting the table and of course having to clean up afterwards! Make your thanksgiving dinner a truly thankful event without missing all the festivities, company, and good conversations.

You may join in by signing up on the Thanksgiving Dinner Sign up Sheets posted on the foyer bulletin board or the one on the board outside the servery. Please indicate how many people will be in your party, and what your food contribution will be.

You may also sign up be sending an email to by including the same information.

The Good Times Teams need more volunteers to join the effort to provide refreshments following the Morning Assemblies.

Sometimes it helps to know what you are agreeing to take on by saying, “Sure I’ll help.” …

People who volunteer for Conversation and Calories are expected to coordinate with a team to contribute assorted food items for the table and to help with setup and cleanup. They do not get reimbursed for any costs. They just do it to contribute to the well-being of the church.

Usually, food items consist of sausage, cheese, crackers, dips, vegetables, fruits, dessert. (Protein sources, starches, vegetables, fruit, and dessert.) It doesn’t matter whether it is purchased premade or you make it yourself. Any contribution is welcome. Sometimes, there are gluten free or sugar free options for those who are gluten intolerant or diabetic and they can be labeled.

Setup includes arranging food items on the buffet table, including plates, napkins and forks. Also, lemonade packets are available for making lemonade and filling glasses with ice and lemonade. Sometimes more coffee needs to be made, if we run out from the morning.

Cleanup includes clearing buffet table, loading the dishes in the dishwasher, unplugging the coffee pots, emptying the coffee grounds and rinsing the pots, vacuuming the floors, washing the counters, emptying the trash and inserting a new bag, and taking any remaining food home.

We don’t save anything in the refrigerator, because it won’t be good after a week. Also, anything (even chips, crackers etc., left out on the counters encourages mice.)

Working with a team, makes this short work and it really contributes to the ambiance and camaraderie of our church community.

Marilyn Alexander

Chair Yoga Class

meets on Tuesday mornings @ 10 in the Chapel. Open to all who wish to participate, especially newcomers.

Raffle in support of the Earth Day Festival

Amy is raffling off a new Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer, proceeds will benefit the Texoma Earth Day Festival. Tickets are $10 each, and the drawing will be Dec. 15. Tickets are available on the bulletin boards at church. Give Amy your ten bucks. Open the QR code to read all about this amazing kitchen appliance.


New Name tags


We’ve used the same name tags for 25 years and the board decided it is time for a fresh look. The new tags are easier to read, have our own church logo and have a place to indicate your pronouns.

Tags are $9.00. You can get an order form here.

Four Reasons Why We Don’t Pass the Plate. Too many different room arrangements made it awkward; unease of many hands touching the baskets; difficult getting ‘ushers’; some value the added sense of belonging by taking their gifts to the table. Why so few walk to the bowl? Some pledge thru their bank bill pay option; give on our website or mobile app using our GiveButter app; or mail in their donations.

Watch the Nov 13, 2022, Morning Assembly

Education for the Common Good

The Rev Dr Mark Y.A. Davies, leading

Download The Morning Program here

The Complete Morning Assembly:


The Morning Discourse only


We’re the only liberal religious voice in Texoma and with your help we can do more. Online donations via Venmo, PayPal, Credit & Debit cards, or by check are safe, secure, and take only a minute or two.

With Gratitude we thank you.