A New Plan for a New Year

On Sunday a look at a new, exciting focus.  The Pathway to Membership becomes clearer, easier to follow.  At least the Membership Team hopes so!  Marion Hill will speak about a new approach to church membership that the congregation has voted to begin using.  This Path to Membership, based on a workshop Hill heard at the 2019 General Assembly of UUA, is not radically different from the procedure the church has been following.  But the focus is different, and the workshop presenters (from the UU Congregation of Phoenix) say that the approach has brought them members who have a clearer understanding of what their church is about, and who are more committed to the congregation’s values, than before they began it.

Marion Hill, a charter member of our congregation and chair of the membership committee,  is a mystery author who writes two series of novels (the Scrappy Librarian Mysteries and the Deadly Past Mysteries–see www.marionmoorehill.net for details.  She formerly taught English at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and both English and journalism at Carson-Newman College (now University) in Tennessee, and has been a legal secretary.

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