A Stranger to Myself: Living with An Invisible Disability. Streaming @ 11:15 am on our YouTube channel

Streaming @ 11:15 am on our YouTube channel   The Morning Program

In June 1982 I underwent a right frontal-temporal craniotomy for a congenital aneurysm just off the right internal carotid artery.  The aneurysm ruptured just after the neurosurgeon had it sighted.  Although I survived the event and although I could walk, talk and function in a somewhat normal fashion, I was changed, different in ways that I continue to discover even now after all these years.  For me long term memories are elusive, moving behind a veil that I cannot touch, cannot relive.  Several years ago and courtesy of a Facebook mem, I learn the Welsh have a word for what I feel at times, hiraeth.

Dr Virginia A. Parrish, professor emeritus from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, lives with her labrador retriever, Cheyenne, in a somewhat tiny home with a big yard and big trees in Durant.  Her Doctorate degree centered on film and creative writing with a dash of literature and a dash of theatre.  She loves the outdoors, traveling via automobile across the U.A., writing, watching and studying film, studying the environment, and study theology and spirituality.  She has three daughter, three son-in-law, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

The Morning Program:

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