Acquiring a Spiritual Life Through Alcoholism

Stewart B. tells his story of a journey from a standard-issue, somewhat functional life into alcoholism, and from there to a life that is happily, usefully whole.
Stewart B. is a retired toolmaker. He has been a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous since January of 1988. He has taken A.A. meetings into jails and prisons, has given talks to groups on the Twelve Steps of A.A. and on the Twelve Traditions (the organizational principles of A.A.), and has held several service positions in the fellowship. Mr. B.’s curriculum vitae is filled with accomplishments in stamping dies, zinc and aluminum die casting, and jig & fixture work. Stewart is married, and he and wife Jane have six children in their blended family.
He was a “service brat” growing up, but has now resided in the same house for twenty-two years, which he finds amazing and rather nice. Aside from a penchant for examining nearby objects to see how they were made, he has no quirks or oddities. Really. Nothing you’d notice right off, anyway.

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