And Crown Thy Good

Jerry Harris, Jim Holmes, L.D. Clark, and Bruce Cameron

Armistice Day was first observed November 11th in 1919, on the anniversary of the armistice with Germany. The tradition continued informally. Then  President Coolidge called for national observations on Nov. 11 with appropriate ceremonies; F.D.R. signed it into law as a holiday; Eisenhower renamed it Veteran’s Day.  L.B.J moved it to the 4th Monday in October via the  Uniform Holiday Bill and President Ford returned the date to November 11.

The next time Veteran’s Day falls on a Sunday is in 2029 which led the worship team to ask four veterans in our congregation to speak.  The topic?  Veteran’s Day.  Come listen to four perspectives on this holiday which has been tinkered with by more presidents than most other national holidays.

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