Beyond a Stained Glass Jesus

TMP - 03-14-DMS-study

Sneak Peek

The Morning Program (appears here Saturday afternoon/evening)

As we approach Spring, we also approach Easter, that Christian holiday so important to tradition and so difficult to translate without resorting to metaphor and myth, but it is at it’s heart a natural holiday of the changing of the seasons while reprocessing the hope of new birth!

So who is Jesus for Unitarian Universalists? Jesus is supposed to have asked tie question to his apostles-“Who do YOU say that I am?”

About our Sunday speaker:  Rev. Art graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary with a Masters degree in Divinity in 1987 and later completed his internship at the Princeton Unitarian Church. After becoming our minister in March of 1991, the church grew from 250 to over 400 members. The Sanctuary was built during his time with us as well. Rev. Art later served in UU ministry at Boulder Valley UU Fellowship in Lafayette, CO, East Shore UU Church in Kirtland, OH, First UU Church of Stockton, CA, and at the UU Church of Amherst, NY. He retired in 2015 and moved back to San Antonio. He now occasionally preaches at our church and at churches in the area.

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