Bible: Truth or Fable?

There are three levels of the Bible. Level one is all lies, level two is half truth and level three is all truth? This talk will open your spiritual mind to reason and reasoning of the Bible. What level are your at?

James was born in Fort Apache, Bronx, NY.  Raised Catholic until the age of 14, he ventured into the world and has been self employed all his life.  He and his wife have children and “many grand kids”.  His greatest passion and interests are always looking for WHY.  In 1984 he earned a Doctor of Divinity but chose not to be a parish preacher.  He has self published ten books exploring the Bible and offered to share his insights on the Bible with us.  He is a friend of the congregation and we welcome him to our free pulpit.

On the 5th Sunday we change slightly our morning schedule, suspending Conversations & Calorie in favor of “In 4 Lunch” – an all-church potluck.  Everyone is invited to bring a dish to share and plan on tarrying following the morning assembly to break bread together.

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