“Emotional Intelligence: Principles for Improving Relationships, Families, and Faith”

“Emotional Intelligence: Principles for Improving Relationships, Families, and Faith”

The morning program appears here on Saturday afternoon/evening


Research from the past 30 years has shown that Emotional Intelligence may be more important than Rational Intelligence in fostering a healthy lives, stable relationships, and a the flourishing of the human spirit. This talk will focus on the value of emotional intelligence in everyday life, how to nurture it, and how modern understanding of our emotions has been influenced by major figures in philosophical and religious history.


Michael J. Davis, J.D., Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Having recently completed a dissertation analyzing emotional intelligence among law enforcement officers in small police agencies, Davis is a specialist in translating research on the value of emotional control and utility to practical settings such as the workplace, family relationships, and the criminal justice system. Also licensed as an attorney, Davis has spent his career investigating civil rights complaints, and developing institutional inclusion and diversity policies to improve the quality of life at colleges and universities across the State of Oklahoma.

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