Fur Babies

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Here’s a sneak peek about this morning assembly:

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During this time of isolation and uncertainty, our furry, feathery, or scaly friends provide joy and comfort for those of us lucky enough to have them in our homes.  Today we’ll look at the history of those relationships and the benefits from having a pet. I hope you will share video or photos of your friends as we take a loving look at our companions.

NOTE: This is a participatory morning assembly!  Show off your pet with fun photos and video clips (up to one minute in length) that we will show during the assembly.  Be creative, think of intriguing ways to snap a photo or capture a video clip.  You can send in as many as you want to.  You are most definitely NOT limited in how many images you can send.  Email your contributions to worship@redriveruu.org.  Deadline is August 23.

Everyone is invited to participate:

Members, Friends, Newcomers and First Time Visitors!

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